About Us

Filament is a firm offering niche services in the space of Workplace Branding and Communications. It was founded by XLRI Jamshedpur alumni in 2008, catering to this drastic need of Human Resources. A great employer brand attracts great people, retains the best employees and greatly reduces employee costs. Oh and yes, it also helps the organizations that little bit in terms of employee motivation to make the company become stronger.

At Filament, we believe in the vital role of communications and workplace branding in the strategic role of HR. With our promise of continuous research, we help companies decide Why, When and How to communicate their employer brand.

We cater to a spectrum of communication needs across Employee/ Organization policy manuals, On-boarding Kits, Recruitment Brochures, Career Websites, Corporate Videos, Campus Presentations and branding/recruitment campaigns across print, radio and digital mediums etc.

Branding Cubicles –  is an endeavour to bring the ‘What’s New’ in the world of Employer Branding to everyone associated with this exciting change happening in Human Capital management. It has become imperative in this day and age to continuously brand and position ourselves, both the Employer and Employee.

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