Glam Up your Walk-in Interviews

What is a Walk-in interview?


A walk-in interview is a job screening that happens without an appointment or scheduled meeting. Its purpose is to narrow down the list of applicants to the top performers who would get invited to a more formal interview later on.

What candidates may feel when they arrive for an interview


When a candidate walks in for an interview, it is probably with no concrete knowledge of the organisation, only what little they must have seen in the advertisement. They may feel that they are not as prepared as they should be. That said, there are those who will come well-prepared, having done their research on the company before the interview. Many of them will be first-timers and nervous about what they’re about to face!

How can you help?

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Try to keep the space colourful and cheery. This will fill the candidate with a sense of calm as soon as s/he walks in. What can also help the applicants is a customised coffee table book, complete with information on the organisation, its history, leaders and accomplishments. Pamphlets or infographic cards containing the same information, in brief, will also come in quite handy.

Allow the candidates to soak in as much information as they can before the interview!

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The candidates would be much at ease when they get the whole feel of the organisation. Let them get a preview into the world of your work by covering walls with framed displays of industry specific images. People get a clearer picture when they watch videos, actual visuals of how the company functions. An introduction video would engage the interests of the applicants more when they see and hear first-hand experiences from not just the leadership, but also the employees.

Motivational quotes would help give confidence to the candidates before their interview. These can be portrayed through colourful tent cards or danglers.

Give the applicants something to remember you by!

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The one thing a candidate would leave with after an interview is an experience. Get as much feedback about the process as possible from the candidates for future reference. Engage them in a casual conversation. Motivate the candidates by letting them know that their journey has just begun and that the world awaits them! Before they leave, give them a small memento as a token of appreciation.


All in all, try to create a pleasant and memorable environment for the candidates.


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