The Story Behind Comic Sans Hate

Have you heard of the Comic Sans song? Yes, there’s a song written about the most hated font in the world and no, it’s not a hate song. The song is full of praises for the font and this means that there are people out there who actually love Comic Sans. Maybe it’s a hard fact to digest after having heard loads of people express their hatred towards this font. But, do you know the story behind the hatred?

The inappropriate use of Times New Roman in Microsoft Bob inspired Vincent Connare to create Comic Sans for Microsoft in 1994. But then he completed it too late to use it in the program. The font was then released in the Windows 95 Plus Pack in 1995.

And then, the hate began with the ‘Ban Comic Sans’ movement in 1999 which was started by Dave and Holly Combs, graphic designers from Indianapolis. They started this campaign as a joke to point out the inappropriate use of Comic Sans. Now, they’re focusing on a new campaign called ‘Department of Public Words’ to create positive messages in public.

So yeah, the inappropriate use of the font is the core reason for the hate. You probably must have seen a couple of posters, signs or newsletters which had serious information in Comic Sans font. And you surely must have taken the wrong choice of font more seriously than the information.

Comic Sans is a fun font that can be used when the audience is below 11 years of age or in comic books. Since it’s an easy font to read, many dyslexics prefer it and these are the only appropriate uses. All fonts have a purpose and so does Comic Sans. Use it right!

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