Advertising – Do it Right!

If you live in a place where billboards stand taller and stronger than trees, then you might end up glancing at hundreds of advertisements in a day. Some make you look at them twice, some don’t. And some get successfully registered in your mind without any effort. Are you wondering how?

Simple truth – they caught your eye! Maybe the design, the color, the message, the typography or it could be the combination of all. Here’s what makes an ad break through the noise:

Color – While the choice of colors depends on the product/service that you have to offer and your target audience, the right colors have a psychological impact on people. So yes, the use of right colors is an easy way to boost sales. For instance, bright colors like orange, yellow and red are being used on toy packages to draw the attention of the kids. The reports of the research conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo states that 92.6 % pay attention to the visual factors while purchasing products.

Concept and Message –There are loads of advertising methods that are being used to get the message through and survive the tough competition. But here’s the trick! It’s not about what message you deliver, but it’s about how you deliver it. A story or an eye-catching design will be an instant hit if the viewer relates to it. And with the boom of digital media, it just takes a ‘like’ and a ‘share’ button to spread.

Typography – Why should one care about typography? Here’s why! Typography sets the theme in the advertisement. Attention of the audience can be directed to particular words by the right choice of font, color and size.

Rules- follow them or break them, a clever advertisement always finds a way to stand out and seek attention. Go, do what it takes to get all eyes on your ad!

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