Social Media – Bridging Internal Gap

Have you ever wondered what distracted people during work back in the 90’s? We belong to the times where we have our world squeezed into a device which fits conveniently in our palm. Besides, when we have an easy and quick access to social media through smartphones, it’s hard to think about the days before the ‘digital age’.

We carry the ‘device’ everywhere and nothing can stop us from accessing Facebook through phone. So does banning social networking sites at workplace really help? Usually, social media has been termed as ‘distraction’ at work, but what about the brighter side of it which only a few know and talk about?

In 2008, Nokia established a Social Media Communications team to better inter-company communications and to engage employees. They have a forum for every employee to share their opinions and give feedback. What else is a better option for an employee to get to know the friendlier side of the organisation?

Let’s face it, we find time to check notifications even between our busy schedules. Our coffee breaks are now replaced by ‘Facebook’ breaks. Why not use this as an alternative to engage with employees and change the way of communicating with them?

While there are many other ways to improve communications among employees, the fun side of the organisation can be well reflected via social media. It is also a great platform for startups to show their company culture or attract new talent.

Social Media does act as a distraction, but it is a great forum for employees to communicate with each other, share ideas and build a sense of community. Don’t you agree?

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