Wait for the Best!

Sometime in 2011, a Hungarian ad agency, Café Creative, made a video featuring kids to prove that creativity takes time. The concept was simple. The kids were asked to draw a clock in 1 minute and then again in 10 minutes. Was there a difference in the output? Yes, huge!

How do you picture a designer in your mind? A young man/woman sitting in front of a computer, sipping on coffee and out of nowhere a bulb lights up above his/her head? Are you thinking that designers have all the inspiration around them to be creative at any given time?

That’s the side of story which everyone knows, but only a few know what lies on the other side. And the truth is, it takes much more than just inspiration. It takes time – quiet time.

Why it takes time?
In the Café Creative video, one minute let the kids complete the basic idea but ten minutes gave them time to develop the basic structure.

When any individual is asked to come up with an idea, the first few thoughts surround the requirement provided. In other words, the initial ideas come from ‘inside the box’. The world outside the box is much bigger and yes, that’s where crazy ideas come from, if given time.

There comes a point when the choice of best ideas has to be made. The ideas that may have no use at that particular time has to be discarded to narrow down on the ones which need more attention.

It takes a while to experiment and time to be highly creative. How would anyone know how crazier (in a good way) a crazy idea could get without trying, right?

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