Paint Your Business Green

Apparently, almost everything that we do today is faced by a big question – Is it eco-friendly? Having partly lost what we once had in abundance, today we find ourselves trying to paint this world green again.

Beginning with the ban of plastic bags that are thinner than 20 microns, several attempts are being made to save trees. Looks like ‘Go Green’ is the trend and it is here to stay. And if you squeeze this trend into your business, you sure have a lot to gain.

How does it really help?

Surviving becomes the hardest part if the business is all about itself. Go green and it simply shows that you care. In return, you’ll gain respect from your audience. With bigger companies going green, a few smaller companies have also opted to be eco-friendly to survive the competition.

For instance, Starbucks has been saving approximately 78,000 trees per year since 2006 by using coffee cup sleeves made of recycled paper.

Going green is yet another way to build a solid reputation. When you do it right and don’t keep ‘sales’ as your only goal, you’ll have more business coming in. Godrej, for example, makes air-conditioners which are energy-efficient and Hindustan Unilever has set goals to reduce carbon emissions by 22 percent, water use by 29% and waste by 77% per product manufactured.

Reduce the usage of paper, use the equipment and fixtures which are eco-friendly. In simple words, reduce energy consumption and your business will be eco-friendly.


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